Todd Huxley is a third generation home builder who is committed to excellence. While other building companies may claim to offer high levels of quality, Todd is bringing his skills and experience into play to create homes which are masterpieces. This is no simple commitment, rather it is a passion stemming from his keen interest and appreciation for design and architecture.

Translated into quality homes, Todd’s finished work demonstrates a new approach to the canon of building and design, one which embraces the many different environments in which a building resides.

One has only to meet with Todd to soon discover his people skills and to appreciate his understanding of others’ needs – a vital and much missed quality in the building business.

This fusion of people skills, his artisan building values and understanding of design, results in the building of a home which is not only exceptional but a rich and rewarding experience for the client.

Todd draws inspiration from a broad variety of sources, some of which can be found on the Inspirations page.